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TOPIC: Bombing and Gunnery Ranges

Bombing and Gunnery Ranges 29 Nov 2009 22:49 #1

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Bombing and Gunnery Range Discussion threads are here

The list below has been pulled together from multiple sources, including books, National Archives and forum members.
It is very much a work in progress and it is hoped, with the help of forum members and further research to make this into one of the most complete lists on this subject.
Some locations may be repeated under different names. A number of locations have proved to be confusing and clarification is sought (e.g. Silloth and Millom ranges which have more than one location listed.

This listing is split into two parts due to character limits in posts.
	[B][U]Range Name                          County                NGR        Function[/U][/B]

Abbots Morton                                                       PBR
	Aberlady Bay (RAF)                  Lothian              NT461819   ATGR
	Aberporth                           Cardiganshire        Lat/Long i ATA
	Admiralty Point                     Norfolk              TF581252   ATGR
	Adventurers Fen                                                     PBR
	Aldbrough                           Yorkshire                       ATA
	Aldeburgh                           Suffolk              TM466580   PBR
	Aldergrove                          County Antrim
	Alderton                            Northamptonshire     SP743478   PBR
	Alkborough                          Lincolnshire         SE883236   PBR
	Allonby Bay                         Cumberland           NY064405   ATG
	Amble Bay                           Northumberland                  ATA
	Angle Bay                           Pembrokeshire        SM882031   PBR
	Anglesey                            Anglesey                        ATA
	Arboe Point                         County Tyrone        H964753
	Arbroath Bay                        Angus
	Ards (South)                        County Down          J590595    ATGR & ATA
	Ashley Walk                         Hampshire            SU205156   LBR & ATGR
	Ashton                              Northamptonshire     TL071891   PBR
	Askham                              Westmorland          SD196769   PBR
	Aston Pigott                        Shropshire           SJ343054   PBR
	Aultmore                                                            PBR
	Aust                                Gloucestershire      ST572900   PBR
	Babraham                            Cambridgeshire       TL492513   PBR
	Baggy Moor                          Shropshire           SJ394270   PBR
	Bagots Park                         Staffordshire        SK099274   PBR
	Balcary Point (A)                   Kirkudbright         NX707419   PBR & ATG & LBR
	Balcary Point (B)                   Kirkudbright         NX948551   PBR & ATG & LBR
	Balcary Point (C)                   Kirkudbright         NX903545   PBR & ATG & LBR
	Balcary Point (D)                   Kirkudbright         NX987553   PBR & ATG & LBR
	Ballacree                           Isle of Man          NX433034   PBR
	Ballaugh                            Isle of Man                     PBR
	Ballure                             Kintyre              NR699524   LBR
	Ballymartin                         County Down
	Banffshire                                                          ATA
	Barbury                             Wiltshire            SU151748   PBR
	Barnstaple Bay                      Devon                SS373287   ATGS
	Barrow-in-Furness                   Lancashire           SD159641   PBR
	Barrowside                                                          PBR
	Bassingham Fen                      Lincolnshire         SK939605   PBR
	Bearshanks Wood                     Northamptonshire     SP994859   PBR
	Beckingham                          Lincolnshire         SK870545   ATG
	Bedwin Sands                        Monmouthshire        ST472861   ATG
	Bellochantuy                        Argyll                          PBR
	Berners Heath                       Norfolk              TL798762   PBR
	Berrow Flats                        Somerset                        PBR
	Beversbrook                         Wiltshire                       PBR
	Biggleswade                                                         PBR
	Bishops Court                       County Down          J641496    ATG
	Black Head                          Cornwall             SW777163   ATG
	Black Walk                          Lincolnshire         SE916025   PBR
	Blackpool (North)                   Lancashire                      ATA
	Blackpool (South)                   Lancashire                      ATA
	Blackshaw Flats                     Dumfriesshire        NY059648   ATG
	Blind Man's Bay                     Arran
	Bodney                                                              PBR
	Bowmore                             Islay                NR300597   PBR
	Bracklesham Bay                     Sussex               SZ765967   PBR & ATSR
	Bradbury Carrs                      Durham               NZ306255   PBR
	Bradenham                           Norfolk              TF918067   PBR
	Braid Fell                          Wigtownshire         NX114676   LBR & ATG
	Brancaster Bay                      Norfolk                         PBR
	Breast Sand                         Norfolk              TF547262   PBR & LBR & ATG
	Bridlington Bay (Skipsea)           Yorkshire            TA202495   PBR & LBR & ATG
	Broughton Burrows                   Pembrokeshire        SS412928   ATGR
	Brownsea Island                     Dorset                          PBR
	Brownslade Burrows                  Pembrokeshire        SR895985   PBR
	Buddo Rock                                               NO565155   PBR
	Buddon Ness                         Angus                           ATGR
	Budle Bay (Air to Air)              Northumberland       NU091486
	Budle Bay (Air to Ground)           Northumberland       NU141378
	Budle Bay (No.1 Live)               Northumberland       NU157392
	Budle Bay (No.2 Practice)          Northumberland       NU153383
	Budworth Mere                       Cheshire             SJ660765
	Burgh By Sands                      Cumberland           NY276597   ATG & PBR
	Burghead Bay                        Morayshire           NJ071645   PBR & ATA & ATS
	Butterwick                          Lincolnshire                    ATG
	Buxey                               Suffolk                         PBR
	Caerlaverock                        Dumfriesshire        NY007657   ATGR
	Calshot                             Hampshire            SU491016   PBR
	Camarthen                           Dyfd
	Cannock Chase                       Staffordshire        SJ986168   PBR
	Cannon Heath Down                   Hampshire            SU508564   PBR
	Cardinganshire Bay                  Gwynedd
	Carmel Head                         Anglesey             SH298918   ATG
	Carnwath                            Scotland             NT037518   ATG
	Carse Bay                           Dumfriesshire        NX997614   PBR
	Carsington                          Derbyshire           SK248527   PBR
	Cartmel Sands                       Lancashire           SD329793   PBR
	Castor Hanglands                    Northamptonshire     TF114017
	Chale                               Isle of wight        SZ471780   ATG
	Cherington Moor                     Shropshire           SJ672185   PBR
	Chesil Beach (Air to Ground)        Dorset               SUY629791  ATG
	Chesil Beach (No.1)                 Dorset               SY637765   PBR
	Chesil Beach (No.2)                 Dorset               SY606778   PBR
	Chesil Beach (No.3)                 Dorset               SY589805   PBR
	Chetton                             Shropshire           SO649908   PBR
	Chichester Bay                      Sussex
	Chilbolton                          Hampshire
	Chiseldon                           Wiltshire
	Chitterne                           Wiltshire                       PBR
	Chivenor                            Devon                SS452353   ATG
	Christchurch Bay                    Dorset                          PBR
	Churchtown                          County Tyrone        J054845    ATG
	Clayworth                           Nottinghamshire      SK781873   PBR
	Clifton Pastures                    Nottinghamshire      SK55325    PBR
	Clunas                              Scotland             NH892430   LBR
	Clynnog                             Wales                SH452464   PBR
	Cockerham (No.2)                    Lancashire           SD430499   PBR
	Cockerham (No.3)                    Lancashire                      LBR
	Colne Point                         Essex                           ATA
	Costa Hill                          Orkneys              HY309304   ATG
	Cowden Sands                        Yorkshire            TA239409   PBR & LBR & ATGR
	Craig Tara                          Ayrshire             NS306192   ATS
	Criccieth                           Caernarfonshire                 ATA
	Crichel Down                        Dorset               ST955113   LBR
	Crimond (Rattray Head)              Aberdeenshire        NK246638   LBR
	Cromer                              Suffolk                         ATA
	Crossaig                            Argyll               NR846511   PBR
	Croydon                             Cambridgeshire
	Culmhead                            Somerset             ST198152   PBR
	Cushendall                          County Antrim                   ATA
	Dalgety Bay                         Fife                 NT164830   PBR
	Daseleys Sands                      Lincolnshire         TF568326   LBR
	Dawlish Warren                      Devon                SX990792   ATG
	Dee Marshes                         Cheshire             SJ291716   PBR
	Dengie Flats (Air to Air)           Essex                           ATA
	Dengie Flats (Ground Targets)       Essex                TM035057   ATGR
	Dengie Flats (North)                Essex                TM048069   PBR
	Dengie Flats (South)                Essex                TM046036   PBR
	Derbyshire                                                          ATA
	Derrycrow                           County Down          J003642    PBR
	Dirleton                            East Lothian         NT452815   ATG
	Doddington Moor                     Northumberland       NT989366   PBR
	Donna Nook                          Lincolnshire         TF434994   LBR, PBR & ATGR
	Dornoch                             Sutherland
	Drigg                               Cumberland           SD047984
	Drumbow Moss (Drumdow Moss??)       Stranraer            NX285562   PBR
	Drumburgh Sands (High Level)        Cumberland           NY274611
	Drumburgh Sands (Low Level)         Cumberland           NY274613   PBR
	Druridge Bay (Air to Air)          Northumberland
	Druridge Bay (Air to Ground No 1)   Northumberland       NU275006   ATG
	Druridge Bay (Air to Ground No 2)   Northumberland       NZ275965   ATG
	Druridge Bay (Live Bombing)         Northumberland       NZ294980   LBR
	Druridge Bay (Practice Bombing No 1 Northumberland       NU292002   PBR
	Druridge Bay (Practice Bombing No 2 Northumberland       NZ298955   PBR
	Ducks Hall                          Suffolk              TL807484   PBR
	Duddon Sands                        Cumberland           SD197823   PBR
	Dundrum Bay                         County Down
	Dunnet Head                         Caithness            ND194746   ATGR
	Dunure                              Ayrshire             NS234137   ATS
	Dyffryn (Morfa Dyffryn)             Merioneth            SH574220   ATG
	Dymchurch                           Kent
	Eagle tower                                                         PBR
	East Berkshire Downs                                                ATA
	East Hatley                         Cambridgeshire       TL304521   PBR
	Easton Down                         Wiltshire            SU240362
	Eaton Bray                                                          PBR
	Eilean Choraidh                     Sutherland
	Eldrig Moss                         Wigtownshire         NX359661   PBR
	Eledon                              ?
	Ellington                           Huntingdon           171710     PBR
	Elmdon                              Essex                TL472384   PBR
	Elmington                           Northamptonshire     See Upton
	Enford Down                         Wiltshire            SU112493
	Epperstone                          Nottinghamshire      SK645504   PBR
	Erisgeir                            Argyll               NM381324   LBR & PBR
	Eskmeals                            Cumberland
	Fenham Flats                        Northumberland       NU113393   PBR
	Fenn's Moss                         Shropshire           SJ499375   PBR
	Fenton                              Lincolnshire         SK848774   PBR
	Fenton                              Nottinghamshire
	Fifeness                            Fife                            ATS
	Filey Bay                           Yorkshire                       ATA
	Fisherman's Head                    Essex                TR034929   PBR & ATG
	Flamborough                         Yorkshire            TA221692   PBR
	Fleet (Weymouth)                    Dorset                          PBR
	Flintshire                                                          ATA
	Fowey Areas                         Cornwall                        ATA
	Foxcote                                                             PBR
	Frampton Sands                      Gloucestershire      SO702056   PBR
	Freiston                            Lincs
	Freshwater Sands                    Pembrokeshire        SM883002   ATGR
	Frinton                             Essex                           ATA
	Garvie Island                       Sutherland
	Girvan                              Ayrshire             NS262306   ATS
	Glan Syfynwy (Rosebush)             Pembrokeshire        SN073302   PBR
	Glooston                            Leicestershire       SP757979   PBR
	Gloucestershire                                                     ATA
	Goldhanger                          Essex                TL896060   PBR
	Gooderstone Warren                  Norfolk              TF792010   PBR
	Goodwin Sands                       Kent                            ATGR
	Goswick Sands                       Northumberland       NU072444   LBR
	Grandborough                        Warwickshire         SP491656   PBR
	Gransha Point                       County Down
	Grassholm                           Pembrokeshire        SM599093   LBR
	Graveney                            Kent                 TR058648   ATG
	Grendon Underwood                   Buckinghamshire      SP659210   PBR
	Grennan Moss                        Kirkcudbrightshire   NX250615   PBR
	Grimsby                             Humberside
	Grimsthorpe Park                    Lincolnshire         TF036217
	Grimston Warren                     Norfolk              TF678221   PBR
	Gruinard Island                     Ross-shire
	Gulland Rock                        Cornwall
	Hag Dyke                            Yorkshire            SD990733 (
	Haile Sands                         Lincolnshire
	Haisborough Sand                    Suffolk                         PBR
	Hamilton Hill                       Lincolnshire         TF123901   PBR
	Hangmoor, Chobham                   Surrey               SU915609
	Happisburgh                         Norfolk              TG406323   PBR
	Harlaxton                           Lincolnshire         SK903324   PBR
	Hatson Y                            Orkneys                         ATS
	Hatson Z                            Orkneys                         ATS
	Hatston (Wide Firth)                Orkneys                         PBR
	Hells Mouth (Porth Neigl) (A)       Caernarfonshire      SH249257   PBR & ATG
	Hells Mouth (Porth Neigl) (B)       Caernarfonshire      SH282252   PBR & ATG
	Helmsley Moor                       Yorkshire            SE585924   PBR
	Herne Bay                           Kent                            ATA
	Hertfordshire                                                       ATA
	Hickling                            Nottinghamshire      SK704282   PBR
	Highworth                           Wiltshire
	Hillesden                           Buckinghamshire      SP680274   PBR
	Hillmarton                          Wiltshire            SU007760   PBR
	Hinderwell                          Yorkshire                       PBR & ATA
	Hog Park Point                      County Down          J066673    PBR
	Holbeach (Air to Ground Targets)    Lincolnshire                    ATG
	Holbeach (Live - earlier site)      Lincolnshire         TF462338   LBR
	Holbeach (Live - later site)        Lincolnshire         TF437350   LBR
	Holbeach (PBR No.1)                 Lincolnshire         TF430346   PBR
	Holbeach (PBR No.2)                 Lincolnshire         TF472320   PBR
	Holbrook Bay                        Suffolk                         PBR
	Holmpton (Air to Air)               Yorkshire            TA459288   ATA
	Holmpton (Air to Ground)            Yorkshire            TA370247   ATG
	Holy Island (Air to Ground No.1)
	   Northumberland       NU072444   ATG
	Holy Island (Air to Ground No.2)
	   Northumberland       NU116431   ATG
	Holy Island (Live)                  Northumberland       NU056493   LBR
	Holy Island (Practice)              Northumberland       NU066465   PBR
	Holyhead Bay                        Anglesey             SH294915   ATG & ATA
	Honey??????? Moor                                                   PBR
	Horton                              Northumberland       NU021329   ATG
	Husbands Bosworth                                                   PBR
	Ibsley                              Hampshire            SU169093   PBR
	Idlicote Hill                       Warwickshire         SP284424   PBR
	Ilfracombe                          Devon                           ATA
	Imber                               Wiltshire
	Ingham                                                              PBR
	Ingoldmells                         Lincolnshire         TF582696   ATG
	Inner Westmark                      Lincolnshire         TF530302   ATGR
	Innes Links                         Scotland             NJ265679   PBR
	Inskip (Air to sea)                 Lancashire                      ATS
	Inskip (Buoy)                       Lancashire                      PBR
	Inskip (Exercise Range)             Lancashire                      ATS
	Inskip (Outer)                      Lancashire                      PBR
	Inskip (Torpedo)                    Lancashire                      ATS
	Iona sound                          Orkneys              NM343137   LBR
	Islay (Claggan Bay)                 Scotland             NR467534   PBR
	Islay (Nave Island area)            Islay                NR204833   LBR
	Jurby (Air to Air)                  Isle of Man                     ATA
	Jurby (Live)                        Isle of Man          NX419055   LBR
	Jurby No. 1                         Isle of Man          SC326984   PBR
	Jurby No. 2                         Isle of Man          NX363019   PBR
	Jurby No.3                          Isle of Man          NX444054   PBR
	Kennack Sands                       Cornwall             SW740156   PBR
	Kenton                              Norfolk                         PBR
	Kererra                             Argyll               NM828308   PBR
	Kessingland                         Suffolk
	Kilkeel                             County Down
	Killedeas                           County Fermanagh
	Killocraw                           Argyll               NR657309
	Killyleagh                          County Down          J533511    PBR
	Kilnsea                             Humberside
	Kilquhockedale Moss                 Wigtownshire         NX274692   PBR
	Kinder Scout                        Derbyshire
	Kingsbarn                           Fife                            PBR
	Kingston                            Morayshire           NJ316662   PBR
	Kirton Marsh                        Lincolnshire         TF355355   ATG & ATGR
	Kyloe                               Berwickshire         NU097396
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Bombing and Gunnery Ranges 17 Jun 2012 19:09 #2

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	[B][U]Range Name                          County                NGR        Function[/U][/B]
	Lady Isle                           Ayrshire             NS275295   LBR
	Lakenheath                          Suffolk              TL755816   PBR
	Lambourn Down                       Berkshire            SU307840   ATG
	Langrigg                            Cumberland           NY155473   PBR
	Languard                            Suffolk                         PBR
	Larkhill                            Wiltshire
	Lavendon                            Buckinghamshire      SP906552   PBR
	Lea Marsh                           Lincolnshire         SK810870   PBR
	Leman Bank                          North Sea                       ATA
	Leven Seat                          West Lothian
	Leverton                            Lincolnshire         TF450480   LBR
	Leysdown (Bombing)                  Kent                 TR052705   PBR
	Leysdown (Gunnery)                  Kent                 TR045703   ATG
	Leysdown (RP)                       Kent                TR048704   ATGR
	Lilstock                            Somerset             ST178473   PBR & LBR & AA
	Lilstock                            Somerset             ST164454   ATG & ATGR
	Lindsway Bay                        Dyfdd?
	Links Of Innes                      Morayshire                      PBR
	Little Gurness                                           HY380267   PBR
	Little Holm                         Shetlands            HU379096   ATGR
	Little Scares                       Dumfriesshire        NX263345   LBR
	Littlestone                         Kent                 TR088263   PBR & ATG
	Llandedr (Tremadog Bay)             Merioneth                       ATGR
	Llanelli                            Dyfedd
	Llangennith                         Glamorganshire       SS411918   ATG
	Lligwy Bay                          Anglesey             SH501880   PBR & ATG & ATGR
	Loch a'Chairn Bhain                 Sutherland
	Loch Eriboll                        Sutherland
	Loch Striven                        Argyll               NS071783   Special ops
	Loe Pool                            Cornwall
	Longdon                             Worcestershire       SO825365   PBR
	Lough Erne                          County Fermanagh     H063615    PBR & ATS & ATGR
	Lough Foyle                         County Londonderry
	Lough Hog Park Point                County Down          J075690    PBR & ATG
	Lough Neagh                         County Antrim        J085797    PBR
	Lower Hogshaw                       Buckinghamshire      SP753246   PBR
	Lowestoft                           North Sea                       ATA
	Luce Bay (A)                        Wigtownshire         NX124455   PBR & ATG & LBR
	Luce Bay (B)                        Wigtownshire         NX155405   PBR & ATG & LBR
	Luce Bay (C)                        Wigtownshire         NX124531   PBR & ATG & LBR
	Luce Bay (D)                        Wigtownshire         NX147555   PBR & ATG & LBR
	Luce Bay (E)                        Wigtownshire         NX170547   PBR & ATG & LBR
	Lunan Bay                           Angus                NO691497   ATG & ATA & PBR
	Lyme Bay                            Dorset               SY612804   LBR
	Macrahannish Bay                    Argyll                          ATGR
	Maddington Down                     Wiltshire            SU021433   PBR
	Maenclochog                         Pembrokeshire        SN092266   ATGR
	Manton Common                       Lincolnshire         SE929035
	Marcham                             Berkshire            SU455944   PBR
	Marcross                            Sth Glamorgan        SS925678   ATG
	Margam Sands (A)                    Glamorganshire       SS775812   PBR & ATG
	Margam Sands (B)                    Glamorganshire       SS783778
	Margam Sands (C)                    Glamorganshire       SS752841
	Margam Sands (D)                    Glamorganshire       SS760851
	Margate                             Kent                 TR318713   ATS
	Maryport                            Cumberland
	Masham Moor                         Yorkshire            SE095788   ATG
	Maughold Head                       Isle of Man                     ATA
	Melbost Sands                       Hebrides             NB456346   PBR
	Mersea                              Essex                TM007147   PBR
	Mersea Flats                        Essex                TM068123   LBR
	Millersford                         Hampshire            SU203175   LBR
	Millin Bay                          County Antrim        J637495    ATGR
	Millom (Air to Air)                 Cumberland                      ATA
	Millom (North)                      Cumberland           SD073878   PBR & ATG
	Millom (South)                      Cumberland           SD107800   PBR & ATG
	Millom Area                         Cumbria                         ATA
	Misson                              Nottinghamshire      SK712975   PBR
	Misterton                           Nottinghamshire
	Mochrum                             Wigtownshire         NX336511   PBR
	Monifieth                           Angus                           LBR & PBR
	Montrose Basin                      Angus                NO692582   PBR
	Moray Firth North                   Ross & Cromarty                 ATS
	Moray Firth South                   Ross & Cromarty                 ATS
	Morrich More                        Ross & Cromarty      NH835845   ATG
	Morte Bay                           Devon                SS442418   PBR
	Mount Stewart                       County Down          J534693    PBR
	Mowsley                             Leicestershire       SP643870   PBR
	Mullartown                          County Down          J382212    ATGR
	Musselburgh (A)                     Midlothian           NT346735   PBR & ATG & ATA
	Musselburgh (B)                     Midlothian           NT361746   PBR & ATG & ATA
	Nevin                                                               ATA
	New Zealand Farm                    Wiltshire
	Newborough Warren                                                   PBR & ATS & ATA
	Newcome Sands                       Suffolk              TM545851   ATS
	Newport Bay                         Pembrokeshire        SN031403   PBR & ATGR
	Newton Downs
	Nigg Bay                            Rosshire             NH803723   PBR
	North Berwick                       Lothian              NT524857   ATGR
	North Channel                       Between NI & Scot    NW518992
	North Fens                                                          ATA
	North Frodingham                    Yorkshire            TA099511   PBR
	North Somercotes                    Lincolnshire         TF426999
	North Wootton Marshes (ATG)         Norfolk              TF623278   ATG
	North Wootton Marshes No. 2         Norfolk              TF615279   PBR
	North Wootton Marshes No.1          Norfolk              TF618272   PBR
	North Yorkshire                                                     ATA
	Northam                             Devon                SS425299   ATGR
	Northamptonshire                                                    ATA
	Noup Head, Unst                     Orkneys                         LBR
	Odstone Down                        Berkshire            SU296832   PBR
	Ogmore by Sea                       Glamorganshire       SS860756   PBR & ATGR
	Oldbury Sands                       Bristol Channel      ST575918   PBR
	Orfordness                          Suffolk              TM456503   PBR & ATA
	Otmoor                              Oxfordshire          SP570140   PBR
	Outer Gabbard                       North Sea            TM836418   ATA
	Owthorpe                            Nottinghamshire      663321     PBR
	Oxfordshire                                                         ATA
	Oxwich Head                         Glamorganshire                  ATA
	Pagham Harbour                      Sussex               SZ871970   PBR & ATGR
	Paston                              Norfolk              TG329354   ATGR & PBR & ATG
	Peak District                       Derbyshire
	Peel                                Isle of Man
	Pegwell Bay                         Kent
	Pembrey (Air to Air)                Carmarthenshire      SN360999   FTC
	Pembrey (Air to Ground)             Carmarthenshire      SN374032   FTC
	Pembrey (Live Range)                Carmarthenshire      SN351033   FTC
	Pembrey (PBR No.1)                  Carmarthenshire      SN356051   FTC
	Pembrey (PBR No.2)                  Carmarthenshire      SN380011   FTC
	Penrhos (East) No.2                 Caernarfonshire      SH413347   PBR
	Penrhos (West) No.3                 Caernarfonshire      SH365316   PBR
	Penrhos No.1                        Caernarfonshire      SH465355   LBR
	Penychain                           Merioneth                       PBR
	Pepperbox Hill                      Wiltshire            SU225251   PBR & ATGR
	Pershore                                                            ATA
	Perwick Bay                         Isle of Man                     PBR
	Pickering                           Yorkshire            SE776813   PBR
	Pilling Sands                       Lancashire           SD387500   ATGR
	Pilsey Island                       Sussex               SU770006
	Pilton                              Northamptonshire     TL000851   PBR
	Point of Ayre                       Isle of Man                     ATA
	Poole Bay                           Dorset                          ATA
	Port Arnol                          Scotland             NB297494   PBR
	Port Isaac Bay                      Cornwall             SX015835   PBR
	Port Quin Bay                       Cornwall             SW970811   ATG
	Port Soderick                       Isle of Man                     PBR & ATSR
	Porthcawl (West) Margam Sands       Glamorganshire       SS846750   PBR & ATA & ATG
	Porthcawl East                      Glamorganshire
	Portland Bill                       Dorset                          ATA
	Porton Down                         Wiltshire                       PBR & LBR
	Portrush                            County Antrim                   PBR
	Portsoy                             Banffshire                      ATSR
	Portstewart                         County Antrim        C82663917
	Preesall                            Lancashire           SD375494   PBR
	Prestatyn                           Flintshire           SJ115849   ATGR
	Preston Capes                       Northamptonshire     SP590550   PBR
	Priors Hardwicke                    Warwickshire         SP455566   PBR
	Purton                              Gloucestershire      SO693044
	Quarrendon                          Buckinghamshire      SP787184   PBR
	Racks Moss                          Dumfriesshire        NY023725   PBR
	Radway                              Warwickshire         SP353481   PBR
	Ragdale                             Leicestershire       SK683195   PBR
	Rams Island                         Lough Neagh
	Ramsey                              Isle of Man
	Ramsey Bay                          Isle of Man          SC469988   PBR
	Rattray Head                        Aberdeenshire
	Ravenglass                          Cumberland                      ATA
	Ray Sand                            Essex                TR032991   PBR & ATGR
	Rearsby                             Leicsetershire                  PBR
	Reculver                            Kent
	Red Head                            Angus                NO700472   ATA
	Redgrave Fen                        Suffolk              TM047800   PBR
	Roman Hole                          Lincolnshire         TF154961   ATG
	Ronaldsway (Air to air)             Isle of Man                     ATA
	Ronaldsway (Depth Charge Area)      Isle of Man                     ATS
	Ronaldsway (Dive Bombing Area)      Isle of Man                     ATS
	Ronaldsway (Excercise Area E))      Isle of Man
	Ronaldsway (Exercise Area W)        Isle of Man
	Ronaldsway (Torpedo No.1)           Isle of Man                     ATS
	Ronaldsway (Torpedo No.2)           Isle of Man                     ATS
	Roos                                Yorkshire            TA274299   PBR
	Rose Valley                         Morayshire           NJ109662   PBR
	Rosehearty No 1                     Aberdeenshire        NJ908667   PBR
	Rosehearty No 2                     Aberdeenshire                   PBR
	Ross Links                          Northumberland       NU140376   ATGR
	Rufford                             Nottinghamshire      632626     PBR
	Runness                             Angus                           PBR
	Rushford                            Norfolk              TL900813
	Rye Bay                             Kent                 TQ909154   PBR & ATGR
	Saddleworth Moor                    Lancashire           SE042055   ATGR
	Salisbury (North)                                                   ATA
	Salisbury (South)                                                   ATA
	Salters Bank                        Lancashire                      ATA
	Sand Bay                            Somerset
	Sand Point                          Somerset             ST322660   ATGR
	Sandwich Moor                                                       PBR
	Savernake                                                           ATA
	Scilly Isles                        Cornwall             SV930111   PBR
	Seal Sands                          Durham               NZ527250   PBR
	Seaton Delaval                      Northumberland       NZ339781
	Selsey                              Sussex               SZ821940   PBR & ATG & ATGR
	Selsey Bill                         Sussex               SZ925876   ATA
	Sennybridge                         Powys
	Setchey                             Norfolk              TF650142   PBR
	Sgeir Dhonn                         Argyll               NM828308
	Shalstone                           Buckinghamshire      SP648390   PBR
	Shandwick                           Highland                        ATA
	Shell Island                        Merioneth            SH553267
	Sherrifs Muir                       Stirlingshire        NN839022
	Shingle Street                      Suffolk
	Shipwash                            Suffolk                         LBR
	Shoeburyness                        Essex
	Shotteswell                         Warwickshire         SP434468   PBR
	Shutlanger                          Northamptonshire     SP734480   PBR
	Silloth (North)                     Cumberland           NY134563   PBR
	Silloth (South)                     Cumberland           NY054466   LBR
	Sinclairs Bay                       Caithness            ND354571   PBR & LBR
	Skady Tower Island                  Lough Neagh          H998845    PBR
	Skegness                            Lincolnshire                    ATA
	Skelbo                              Sutherland           NH810948   ATGR
	Skipness                            Argyll               NR906565   PBR
	Skipsea (Air to Ground)             Yorkshire                       ATG
	Skipsea (Live)                      Yorkshire            TA215524   LBR
	Skipsea (North)                     Yorkshire            TA201554   PBR
	Skipsea (South)                     Yorkshire            TA216511   PBR
	Snape                               Yorkshire            SE284838   PBR
	Snettisham                          Norfolk              TF649339   ATGR
	Solway Firth Ranges
	Solway Moss                         Dumfriesshire
	South Cambrian Mountains                                            ATA
	South Fens                          Norfolk                         ATA
	South Fens                                                          ATA
	South Pennines                                                      ATA
	Southfield Farm                     Leicestershire
	Southport                           Lancashire           SD380219   ATGR
	Southwold                           Suffolk                         ATA
	Spaldington                         Yorkshire            SE749323   PBR
	Spaunton Moor                       Yorkshire            SE712932   PBR
	Spey Bay                                                 NJ411907   LBR
	Spitalgate                          Lincolnshire                    PBR
	Spithead "Z"                        Hampshire                       ATS
	Spurn Head                          Humberside           TA411140   ATG
	St Abbs Head                        Northumberland       NT872701   ATGR
	St Albans Head                      Dorset                          ATA
	St Anns Head                        Isle of Man                     ATS
	St Austell Bay                      Cornwall             SX042499   PBR
	St Austell Bay                      Cornwall             SX052510   ATGR
	St Brides Bay (Druidston)           Pembrokeshire        SM848164   ATGS
	St Brides Bay (Madocs Haven)        Pembrokeshire        SM847176   PBR
	St Brides Bay (Musselwick)          Pembrokeshire        SM779094   PBR
	St Brides Bay (Warey Haven)         Pembrokeshire        SM800117   PBR
	St Catherines Point                 IOW                  SZ499751   ATS
	St Fergus                           Banffshire           NK115512   ATGR
	St Thomas's Head                    Somerset             ST348669
	St Tudwal's Island                  Gwynedd              SH341259
	Stack Skerry                        Orkneys              HX560178   LBR
	Stackyard Green                     Suffolk              TL971458   PBR
	Staffordshire                                                       ATA
	Staithes (Hinderwell)               Yorkshire            NZ772200   PBR
	Stanford Warren                     Norfolk              872936
	Stert Flats                         Somerset             ST262470   PBR & LBR & ATG
	Stokes Bay                          Hampshire
	Stonehaven                          Kincardineshire
	Strangford Lough (South Island)     County Down          J566666
	Strensall                           Yorkshire            SE645594   PBR
	Studland Bay                        Dorset               SZ047823   ATGR
	Sutton Bridge                       Lincolnshire         TF440340
	Sutton Walk                         Suffolk              TM296480   PBR
	Sykehouse                           Yorkshire            SE646160   PBR
	Tain                                Ross                 NH847836   ATG
	Tain                                Ross                 NH865839   ATG
	Tain (Dornoch)                      Ross                 NH770872   PBR
	Tain (Morrich More)                 Ross                 NH828842   PBR
	Tal-y-Bont                          Gwynedd              SH583208   ATG
	Teignmouth                          Devon                           LBR & PBR & ATA
	Tentsmuir                           Fifeshire            NO511258   PBR & ATA
	Tentsmuir                           Fifeshire            NO502248   ATGR & ATG
	The Fleet                           Dorset
	The Gobbins                         County Antrim        J485980
	Theddlethorpe (A)                   Lincolnshire         TF461973   PBR & ATGR & LBR
	Theddlethorpe (B)                   Lincolnshire         TF451969   PBR & ATGR & LBR
	Theddlethorpe (C)                   Lincolnshire         TF480925   PBR & ATGR & LBR
	Theddlethorpe (D)                   Lincolnshire         TF497921   PBR & ATGR & LBR
	Theddlethorpe (E)                   Lincolnshire         TF493890   PBR & ATGR & LBR
	Thrapston                                                           ATA
	Tiree (Gott Bay)                    Argyll               NM053463   PBR
	Titchfield Haven                    Hampshire                       PBR
	Titchwell (Air to Ground 20mm)      Norfolk              TF746449   ATG
	Titchwell (Air to Ground RP)        Norfolk              TF748449   ATGR
	Titchwell (No.1)                    Norfolk              TF755465   PBR
	Titchwell (No.2)                    Norfolk              TF745445   PBR
	Toft Grange                                                         PBR
	Tollesbury                          Essex                TL947082   PBR
	Torranan Rock                       Wigtownshire         NM275139   LBR & PBR
	Traeth Dy                           Merioneth            SH570339   ATG
	Trawsfynnydd                        Merioneth            SH695365   ATG & LBR
	Trelliga                            Cornwall             SX044845   ATG
	Trent Valley                                                        ATA
	Trevallen Down                      Pembrokeshire        SR972930
	Trevose Head                        Cornwall                        LBR
	Turnberry (A)                       Ayrshire             NS180006   PBR & ATG
	Turnberry (B)                       Ayrshire             NS234137   PBR & ATG
	Upnor                               Kent
	Upton                               Northamptonshire     TF114017   PBR
	Wainfleet                           Lincolnshire         TF545552   LBR
	Wainfleet                           Lincolnshire         TF532539   PBR
	Walmore Common                      Gloucestershire      SO743152   PBR
	Wardley                             Rutland              SK835012   PBR
	Warpsgrove                          Oxfordshire          SU659997   PBR
	Warren Flats                        Hampshire            SZ410960   PBR
	Warton Sands                        Lancashire           SD476733
	Watergate Bay                       Cornwall                        ATA
	Weeton                              Yorkshire            TA351186   ATGR
	Wells on Sea                        Norfolk
	Wellsworthy                         Devon
	Welsford Moor                       Devon                SS283205   PBR
	West Bay                            Dorset               SY475898   ATGR
	West Berkshire Downs                                                ATA
	West Down                           Wiltshire            SU069688   LBR & ATGR & PBR
	Weybourne                           Norfolk                         ATA
	Weymouth Bay                        Dorset                          ATA
	Whiteford Burrows                   Pembrokeshire        SS443950   PBR
	Whittlesey No. 1                    Cambridgeshire       TF335005   PBR
	Whittlesey No. 2                    Cambridgeshire       311997     PBR
	Widdrington nr Morpeth              Northumberland       NZ278959
	Wigtown Area                        Dumfries and Gallowa            ATA
	Wigtown Bay                         Wigtownshire         NX487411   PBR & ATA
	Winterton                           Norfolk              TG486216   ATA & ATS
	Wolverton Marsh                     Norfolk
	Woodcott Down                       Hampshire            SU439562   PBR
	Woodwick                            Orkneys
	Woolfox                                                             PBR
	Wrangle Flats                       Lincolnshire         TF456499   ATGR
	Yarburgh                            Lincolnshire         TF359939
	Yardley Hastings                    Northamptonshire                PBR
	Ynys Gwylan Bach                    Caernarfonshire      SH182242   PBR
	Ystrad                              Carmarthenshire

Bombing and Gunnery Range Discussion threads are here

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Bombing and Gunnery Ranges 09 Oct 2019 13:44 #3

  • PaulF1
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I'm new to this group.

I noticed in the above list of ranges, the Clayworth (Nottinghamshire) bombing range is identified at grid ref SK781873. However, this grid ref is actually at North Wheatley, approximately 5km East of Clayworth..

I grew up in Clayworth in the early 1970s, and we used to play in one of two old observation towers that were in the area of SK721873, just a few hundred metres to the West of Clayworth which is only 1 digit different from the above grid. Is it possible that an error was made in transcribing the grid ref?

My mother was WAAF/Air Ministry during WW2 and she always referred to them as the "bombing towers".

Recently I visited the area and it looks as though the towers have long since been demolished, but I was hoping to at leat find the remains of footings or even small piles of rubble to indicate their presence, but unfortunately I could see nothing as the fields were full of very tall and dense maize.

I'm just interested in the history of the towers and the range. From what I can discover on the web, there was a bombing range at Clayworth which was at some point used by Polish members of No 18 (Polish) Operational Training Unit of 93 OTU (RAF).

Any information people have on the history of the Clayworth range would be of interest?

Best wishes

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Bombing and Gunnery Ranges 09 Oct 2019 13:56 #4

  • PaulF1
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The entry for Cromer says it's in Suffolk, but Cromer is on the Norfolk coast.

There is a reference to a possible nearby range/target area close by at Kelling Heath ... info is here: www.heritage.norfolk.gov.uk/record-detai...67-bb1c-c3137d02dda3


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Bombing and Gunnery Ranges 09 Oct 2019 14:39 #5

  • Peter Kirk
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Thanks for the information on Clayworth. I will post on a separate thread the details I have for Clayworth.

The various sources of information for my original list of ranges was normally wartime with Cassini Grids and it was a few years before I could double check all those locations with some still suspect. On top of this are my own typos.

Updating that list is not as easy on the current forum so I have put it off. My current lists have many corrections and confirmed locations and this includes many wartime grid references that were mistypes at the time. I have also added about 25% more ranges, probably more, since then. No idea why Cromer was down as Suffolk, especially as my Dad lives in Hunstanton! Currently the counties are a mixture of wartime boundaries and modern ones so any remaining discrepancies will be sorted once I decide which to go for :) Just checked, I have 892 ranges listed, although some are unconfirmed.

Kelling Heath is one of those that cropped up a few times because of that entry but I have found no evidence to support an air bombing range.

EDIT: Just realised my info on Clayworth will be behind the pay wall so I will add it here along with a mp showing the information gleaned from aerial photographs.

I wasn't aware that the Clayworth quadrant shelter near St Peter's Lane was still around in the seventies nor that the southern one was assuming my suspected location is correct.

Controlled by Finningley (eg 1944) and Lindholme with a 650yd radius, used day & night and lit electrically. The range was closed on 10/08/1945. The target at SK 71955 87297 was a triangle. Cleared for TI dropping by 1944. The quadrants were at SK 72138 87927 (with arrow) and SK 72526 87100 (unconfirmed). Used by 18 OTU at Worksop from November 1943. From an August 1944 document (AIR 2/6413) the inner requistioned area was controlled by DR51 whilst the outer area was under DR52. The danger radius was 650yds with a maximum permitted bombing height of 16,000ft. No information regarding opening date has been found.

01010000 01100101 01110100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01001011 01101001 01110010 01101011

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Bombing and Gunnery Ranges 09 Oct 2019 16:30 #6

  • PaulF1
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Hi Peter,

Thank you for the very thorough response. I was delighted to read your letter, which has helped to remind me of my ( very happy ) childhood, and I will sign up as a member as a donation of support to a worthy cause.

The location of both towers looks about right, from my memory anyway.

I left there in 1976 ( at the age of 10 ). I can recall being sat on the first floor ledge, looking out over the fields, and then hurtling towards the ground as another kid gave me a shove in the back. I landed on my butt, on a molehill which was a stroke of luck !! , and suffered no ill effects other than numb legs for a few minutes. All part of our adventures growing up. :-D


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Bombing and Gunnery Ranges 10 Oct 2019 10:16 #7

  • canberra
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I never knew of a range at Dornoch. Morrich More is the range at Tain, but Dornoch Im intrigues about, anyone know anything about it?

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Bombing and Gunnery Ranges 10 Oct 2019 12:45 #8

  • Peter Kirk
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Dornoch Firth was the original name for the ranges on Morrich More. The map below shows the main targets from opening until the mid fifties, however it excludes another bombing target on the north of Dornoch Firth on Cuthill Sands. This was part of Tain ranges but was often referred to as Dornoch and the target was still visible, including much of the decking, in 1988. The piles for the eastern target in the dunes north of the Inver Channel are also still visible, although deteriorating fast.

The area around Tain was awash with ranges by the end of the war and there was some difficulty in catering for the needs of the RAF, the FAA and the RN. In the last year of the war bombing ranges were added at Portmahomack, Rockfield and Tarbat Ness and two air to ground firing ranges were added at Skelbo (Coul Links) and Golspie, both north of Dornoch, to replace the air to ground ranges on Morrich More that had to close due to the proximity of the enlarged airfield at Tain.

Tain ranges has a complicated history and some of its post war use, especially the LABS range are a bit sketchy and inconsistent.

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